Celebrating 50 Years of WIC.

Since the first clinic opened in 1974, WIC has improved the health and well-being of millions of pregnant women, infants, children, and families. Join us in celebrating this remarkable legacy and continuing to advocate for a bright and promising future of WIC.

50 Years of Compassion and Care.

For 50 years, WIC has been at the center of positive public health outcomes, championing access to healthy food, breastfeeding support, health screenings, and referrals. As the national voice of the 12,000 provider agencies, the National WIC Association (NWA) has proudly supported 40 years of WIC’s 50-year legacy, providing advocacy, education, and support for its members.

Individuals served by WIC across all fifty states, the District of Columbia, five U.S. territories, and thirty-three Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs)

Healthier WIC Foods Reduced Childhood Obesity Among WIC Toddlers

USDA Investment in outreach efforts to bolster WIC participation

Percentage of WIC infants breastfed in September 2022

Join NWA in honoring the countless stories of resilience and compassion that have defined WIC’s legacy. Share our monthly toolkits, keep an eye out for upcoming events, and explore our other resources that you can use to recognize this exciting anniversary.

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Learn about the history of WIC from the 1970s to today.

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WIC gives you access to healthy food, nutrition education and breastfeeding guidance. If you’re pregnant, a caregiver, or a mom with a child under 5, you can get the right personalized support for you and your family.

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WIC is a vital resource providing healthy food, nutrition services, health screenings and referrals, and breastfeeding support for millions of families. Donate today and join us in helping families access WIC.